Adult Singles and Doubles Box Tennis Leagues Oxted, Surrey

Come and play in our adult tennis leagues. Sign up at Reception or give us a call (01883 717161)


Play in our adult tennis leagues

Our single and doubles based tennis leagues are open to all Matchpoint Tennis Club members. The leagues themselves range from beginner through to advanced, and are organsied 6 weeks ahead and run all year round. Match scores are recorded via our club staff at the end of each match.

Please speak to either Graeme Livingston or Jon Prenelle if you’re interested in joining one of our tennis leagues.

Internal Box League Rules

A new format singles and singles box leagues are being formed. The rules are set up to encourage regular play and ensure that the matches can be completed in 1-1.5 hours. Each box league will contain 4 or 5 players or teams and will last one month. The leagues will be mixed and based on ability.


  1. Scoring – 15 games with a tie break if the score is 7 all.

2. Teams/Players will receive 1 point for each game won, and points will be accumulated over the month.

3.  3-4 doubles teams or singles players in each box.

4.  The league will be updated one month from when the boxes are issued to all players via email. You have 1 calendar month to play the required 3-4 games.

5.   All match results will be sent via e-mail or texted to the box league organiser.

6.   Top finishers will be promoted 1 box up and the bottom finishers relegated 1 box down, and the 2/3 players/Teams who finished in the middle of their box will remain in the same box. 

  1. The promotion or relegation of a player/Team will be according to the complete match results with no handicapping. If there is a tie in scores, the head-to-head results will determine placing. If it is still tied, then it will go to most sets won, and then if still tied, games differentials. 
  1. The league coordinator reserves the right to move a player up or down as many boxes as may be necessary to ensure fair competition. 
  1. Please make the best effort to arrive on-time for your matches. If a player arrives more than 15min late, it is a loss of toss to the late player. 
  1. In the event of a “no show”, the score will be 8 – 0. 
  1. Players should apply the normal rules of tennis and ‘self-umpire’. 
  1. Balls – The cost of balls will be shared between the players. The player not providing balls will offer compensation to the player providing the balls. A good standard of balls is expected. 
  1. If a player no longer wishes to play in the league all players move up one position for the next round. 
  1. Any new players wishing to join will start at the appropriate box as per the league co-ordinators decision. This may be the lowest box of the league. 
  1. When courts are busy, priority must be given to LTA League matches and Coaching.
  2. It is open to all adult members and to Juniors who have been nominated by the coaches to play in Social

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